Sunday, April 29, 2012

March Meeting Of The Once A Month Group

While I don't have any pictures of my own quilts to show you I do have some from the "One Friday A Month" group to share. Our March meeting was held at Deb's new home by the river.   She was gracious enough to have us for an over night quilting/visiting get together. 

We all arrived early enough for a tour before the sun set. Her home is warm and cozy not to mention beautifully decorated! There's a view of the river just 50 feet or so from her back deck and a huge working farm across the street from her front door.

Our rooms upstairs had welcoming beds with plenty of comfy quilts. It was like being at a bed and breakfast.  Nothing was overlooked, from the food to the accommodations it was a feast for the eyes. 

I feel very fortunate to have found a group of women who are all so talented.  I look forward to our monthly get together so I can see what every one's been up to and catch up on the latest news about family and friends.

Speaking of family, that's my sister Dutchy holding up a baby quilt she made for a friend's grandson.  It's a pattern of interlocking Friendship Star blocks.  I had made one when I first started quilting and it took me forever to put together.

Hers was whipped up in no time flat. Turns out that using the two colors along with the white printed background like she did her rather than the multiple blues and yellows like I did (here) made all the difference.  Oh yeah, and having a few more years of quilting under your belt helps too!

The blues and yellows are so soft.  The white background fabric on this one has the cutest little pastel toys on it.  I don't think the picture does it justice but here's a detail shot.  Kind of looks like flowers but it's really toys.  The border and backing were done "envelope" style where you sew all the edges right sides together leaving a small opening so you can turn it right side out.
Jane brought her Disappearing Nine Patch.  That's her peeking out from behind the corner of it.  I love all the colors.  One of the things I always admire when seeing a finished quilt is the personality that comes through.  Whether it's the quilters personality or the recipients personality.  Each one is unique.  I love how the sashing and the borders frame the large blocks.

I can't remember if Jane was finishing up the hand quilting or the binding.  One of these days I'll be ready for a lesson in hand quilting and these are just the people who can teach me.  They all do such beautiful work!

The rest of the gang, Tami, Carol, Deb and I, were all working on hand work.  I was so busy talking I forgot to take more pictures until morning!  Several of them had started a block of the month from our local quilt shop.  I worked on piecing some of the blocks for Mary's quilt and they were very cute. 

Deb, our hostess, was working on piecing a set of blocks embroidered by her grandmother.  They are the state flowers for all 50 states.  The embroidery is just lovely.  Everyone like the patterns so much that one of the girls decided she wanted to make them so she borrowed the patterns.  Wish I'd taken some pictures DARN!  Well, I'll ask Deb to bring it to the May gathering and get some pictures to share with you.

After many hours of talking and laughing we all headed off to bed.  SOME of us were asleep right away but the "Hot Flash Twins" (and you know who you are!) were both fighting with the covers.  One even got stuck in her sleeping bag and nearly melted from the heat LOL!  Oh yeah, and there was that little mishap with the picture in the bathroom - Sorry Deb!

After a short night's sleep we ventured down to the kitchen.  The hot flash twins were already up and trying to figure out how to get the coffee pot to work.  After many attempts and floods of giggles our hostess appeared with the simple answer:  put the special rock on the lid to engage the start mechanism.  HaHaHaHa  Why didn't we think of that!  Once the coffee got going we dug in to quiche, fresh fruit salad, muffins and juice.  Yummy :-)

The rest of the day was filled with sewing, eating, laughing, sewing, talking, walking and more laughing.  It all ended much too soon!  A big THANK YOU to Deb for sharing her home with all of us.

Before I forget, I want to mention that the April meeting was at Jane's home where we were all treated to Jane's luscious brownies and cookies.  Again I forgot to bring the camera so no pictures.  I really want to share the quilt that Jane is working on - it's red work blocks set with beautiful patchwork.  Jane if you're reading this I hope you'll bring it to the May get together so I can take some pictures.

Happy quilting everyone!

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