Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back to Quilting

Flip Flops on Audrey's quilt

Ahhh, back to quilting!  I've been off studying for an exam that I want to get for my job.  It didn't go so well but I've decided that a little quilting time will cheer me up.  Actually, I have been doing some sewing since my last post but I haven't been able to share the projects yet because they are for "The Girls".

Jean's quilt is done and I just realized last weekend that it needs a label.  But the binding and sleeve are on and sewn in place.  It's really pretty and I can't wait to give it to her.

Kim's quilt is at the long arm quilters and should be home any day now.  That will be #5 of the 6 quilts I had set out to make beginning this time last year. 
Of course, I did have help along the way.
This is Guppy helping me measure
 for the binding on Betty's quilt.

It all sounded so simple.  I just wanted to make a quilt for each of The Girls for their birthday. Well, I almost did it.  I never imagined it would take so long or run the gambit of emotions along the way.  They didn't get them "on" their birthdays but they each got one.  Or should I say will get one since there is still one more to go. 

With such a large group of work in just over a year there's lots to choose from if I decide to enter a show.  Each quilt is so different from the next and I love them all so it would be hard to pick one from  the bunch.  Maybe I should enter a couple of shows? Hmmm, now that's an idea.  Guess I should look into that.

I've started working on Mary's quilt this week.  I'm just at the fabric and pattern stage but it feels good to be getting back to something I love.  Pouring over quilt magazines and check out patterns on the web give me lots of inspiration.  I have had an idea brewing for this particular quilt for well over a year now I just need to pull it together.

Besides the girls quilts I've started a wall hanging called Cone Flowers.  It's a nice size applique piece that I'm able to pick up when I take a break at lunch time or for a when I have a few minutes here and there.  After spending last summer with Betty's large quilt in my lap and without AC in the house I decided that I needed some small projects for this coming summer.

Along with the cone flowers I'm going to be working on the borders for my bunny quilt this summer.  I just love this quilt and can't wait to design the applique layout for the border.  This one is done in 1930's reproductions.  I want to add a 4 inch white border using the background fabric which has white on white polka dots.  The flowers and leaves will be from the 1930s prints that are in the blocks and the vine will be black rick rack.  The borders will be scalloped and the binding will be black.  I'm hoping it comes out looking something like this.

Sample border for Bunny quilt.
From the pattern "Sweet Caroline" by
Karie Patch Designs
Ahh, it truly is good to be doing something I really enjoy!