Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Lowell Quilt Festival

Jean, Caroline, and me
Saturday was a great day for a quilt show.  I attended the Lowell Quilt Festival in Lowell MA with my friends Gail, Jean and Jean's daughter Caroline.  It was the first time any of them had ever attended a quilt show and I'm happy to report they really enjoyed.  Gail and Jean are not quilters but they do appreciate the craft.  Caroline you may remember is just learning to sew and created the Mermaid quilt that I wrote about in a previous post.

Me, Caroline, and Gail
 Lowell is one of many New England mill towns much like the one where we grew up.  It's bigger of course but the huge brick buildings are reminiscent of the woolen mills in our home town of Franklin NH and all along the Merrimack river.   You can see the an example of the mills in the background of these photos.

The quilt show is just one part of several events that happened in Lowell this past week.  I'm a working girls so I didn't get to attend any of those but if you check out their website you can get an idea of what went on. 

The quilted car cover in the pictures is an advertisement for the New England Quilt Museum.  They were part of the whole festival and we got to take in the exhibits after lunch at a local Greek restaurant.  There is an amazing quilt there that has over 5000 yo yos in it.  I"m not a big fan of yoyos but this was truly awe inspiring.  Each yo yo was about the size of a nickle.  You have to see it to appreciate it!

Jean's favorite was a blue and white table piece that had the look of Blue Willow china.  Gail was having a hard time picking just one.  This was Caroline's favorite quilt in the show.  Isn't it beautiful?!  It was an award winner.

Best Use of Color
Medea Escaping
Marilyn Belford, Chenango Forks, NY

This was ONE of my favorites but it's always hard to pick just one.  I also saw an applique with small Christmas tree blocks that looked like something that would be great on my sofa for the holidays!  I didn't write down the pattern name but I know I've seen it before.  It was a beautiful rendition and would be perfect for my Christmas fabrics.

Best of Show 
Vintage Button Bouquet
Linda Roy, Knoxville, TN

And what would a quilt show be without shopping?  Here's what I picked up this time, a Moda Charm Pack "Java" and a couple of coordinating fabrics.

And some more fabric with "words" for my latest stash collection. 

I did manage to get lost on my way home.  Well, not lost so much as headed in the wrong direction.  I know where I was I just couldn't figure out how to go West instead of North!  It's a long road with not many turns so it took me an hour and a half to get home when it should have taken 15 minutes!  LOL! 

Overall it was a great day spent with great friends enjoying my favorite pastime!

I hope you get to enjoy a quilt show soon.

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Minka's Studio said...

That button quilt was really cool. I hate it when a short ride turns into a long one. Cities like Lowell can turn a person around. That's why I swear by my GPS.