Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sticker Shock!

My sister Dutchy and I went to Keepsake on Saturday but couldn't manage to spend more then $50 between us!  That's pretty unusual especially since I had saved up over $300 in anticipation of our trip. 

Keepsake is one of our favorite quilt shopping trips.  It's a scenic ride into the Lakes Region of NH so we get to see the lakes and mountains as we drive.  It's also a chance to spend hours talking about everything from our latest quilting projects to what's happening in the family. 

After leaving Dutchy off at her house I began the one hour drive back home.  I got to thinking about why I hadn't bought more fabric.  Besides the fact that I really don't NEED any more fabric, I really think I was having a bit of sticker shock.  Most of the fabrics were around $10 a yard.  I was really having trouble with paying that much - even though I had the money.  I think if I had seen something I couldn't live without I'd have bought it but nothing was pulling at me. 

We had talked about the price increases the night before at our quilting group.  I hadn't really thought about it but flooding has caused cotton crops to fail which raised the prices of cotton.  It really didn't hit home until I saw the prices at the quilt shop.  Come to think of it we also notice higher prices when we were visiting Lancaster PA earlier this year.  Looks like I'll be breaking into my stash more often!

One of the many good things at Keepsake is their Outlet.  They now have a whole room of discounted fabrics, pattens, and notions.  Prices were slashed as much as 75%.  I also picked up some novelty fat quarters and a pattern for $0.49!  That's my kind of shopping.  My big score of the day was this backing for my 1930s Bunny quilt.  It was on sale for half price at only $3.99 a yard. 

The top of the Bunny quilt is done and I just love it.  I'm planning to hand quilt it.
You can find the pattern here. 

This picture doesn't do the backing fabric justice,
it's a beautiful pink  . . . with BUNNIES!

Now I'll just have to squirrel away the $300 for some other quilting adventure.

After spending hours in the quilt shop we finally headed home.  On the way, we stopped in to see our sister Sue.  She's always got something going at her place.  This time it was trees and brush cleared out back.  She fed us a favorite quick Saturday supper - beans and hot dogs ;-)  We spent some time enjoying watching the hummigbirds coming to the front porch feeders.  A beautiful Baltimore Oriole also showed up!

I was admiring Sue's flower garden and asked if I could get some plantings to take home.  In minutes she had dug up purple cone flowers and some dark purple iris for each of us.  We packed up the car and headed on home.  Always a fun day with my sisters!  Now I'm off to plant those flowers before it rains again.

Check back again in a few weeks to see those flowers blooming and more on the Bunny quilt.

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