Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Quilt Borders

Two week long business trips pushed the finishing of the borders on the baby quilt until last night.  I was determined to get it done for two reasons #1 I've got several other items are waiting in the wings and #2 the baby has arrived!  Admittedly, I've been overly optimistic that I could get this one done before he arrived but I gave it my best shot.

As I was piecing the rows together I was contemplating the borders.  One look I've always liked is a 4-patch pieced border.  I first saw this on a baby quilt years ago but for some reason I've never tried it.  I suspect it's because most of my quilts have been large bed quilts so by the time I've gotten to the borders more piecing didn't seem to be the right mix.

I finished sewing the rows together. They went together easily with a white-on-white sashing with different size circles.  Really cute!  Love that fish!

Next I started playing with some of the left over pieces to make 4-patches.

Test driving the borders:

Finally came up with this combo.  Seeing this picture which shows the striped wall paper in my sewing room makes me realize I need to paint that design wall =:o)

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