Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oh, that's where that went!

Like most people I have many projects that I started but never finished.  Some quilters call them WIPs (works in process) or UFOs (un-finished objects).  I call them "Oh that's where that went!".  I have several areas in my sewing room where I put stuff for safe keeping. 
You know the stuff I'm talking about?  That group of fabrics that are just made for each other so you can't break up the set.
This one is "Rachel's Basket", so pretty and feminine.  Just about my favorite colors, pink and green, in pretty floral prints.  This is going to be gorgeous!

Or how about the one where there's just a few more blocks to go - this one below actually did get finished last September and it's now happily residing on the back of my favorite comfy chair.

Or then there's the that 30 minute project that you're going to do the next time you have just 30 minutes to sew.  I've been wanting to make some mug rugs for ages now!  Isn't this one cute?  These are in my on-line file of table top quilting stuff.

And how about that baby quilt pattern you just fell in love with and had just the right fabrics all from your stash?  This one is called 'Tea Party" and it's a snowball and 4-patch layout.  I found all these pretty pastels in my stash but have I done it yet? NO!  They're all in the green basket near my sewing chair.

My all time favorite is when you bought those special fabrics, in those specific colors, for a particular person . . . .and then changed your mind!  These fabrics were supposed to be for my friend Kim's quilt. 

But after several block tests I changed my mind and went with fall colors and these beautiful chickadees from Timeless Treasures instead. She loved it so I guess it was the right choice!  Now I just need to write the blog post that goes with it.
My method for keeping track of all of these projects is to put them in a neat pile somewhere sewing room.  They could by in (or on) the green basket beside my sewing chair, on the 3-tiered cart near the design wall, in the wicker basket near the window, or even in the bins under my sewing table. 
All I really know is when I'm looking for a specific project I usually come across something I wasn't looking for that makes me say "Oh, that's where that went!"
How do you keep track of your unfinished projects?

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Joan from the Guild said...

Sometimes finding a UFO can be a GOOD thing!