Friday, February 22, 2013

Pillow Case

I've started on a large quilt that I'm really excited about!  I can't show it to you just yet but I'm taking pictures as I go so you'll see it all later.  In the mean time, I've decided to try working on smaller projects in the evenings to see if I can get some stuff finished up.

I've decided to add my post over at Crazy Mom Quilts for "Finish Up Friday". I'm a big fan of her blog and love the idea of having a place to show off my (finally!) finished projects.

Last weekend I was looking at the basket beside my sewing table knowing that there were things in there that I haven't looked at in a long time. I opened the lid and sure enough, I found this pillow case project just waiting to be put together.

 Aren't those the cutest cats?  And I love the little mice running around!

Remember when pillow cases first appared at quilt shows? They were all the rage a few years back and I jumped on the band wagon. What could be easier?  This one is for a body pillow I use when my back is bothering me.  The pattern called for French Seams but I decided since I was going to use it here at home I'd just do regular seams.  It looks so fun on our bed but of course doesn't actually match the light blue color scheme ;-)

Here's a close up of the band.  Can you read the words?  (Pictures are still a bit off cuz I'm still futzing with the camera on my new phone. I'm hoping not to have to buy a separate camera but it's a challenge.)

So that's it for this my finish this week.  I've already started a simple flannel lap quilt for next week.  Stay tuned.


Dee said...

Way, way too cute! We have three kitties here who are all jealous!

Anna said...

That is such an adorable pillow case! I love all the kitties :)