Friday, September 14, 2012

Quilting on the Teacups Quilt

Gee, it seems like forever since I've have the time to sit and write.  I'm squeezing this one in before dinner!

In my last post on Jean's quilt I didn't have a chance to show off the quilting.  It was done by Lorri Wurtzler at Seventh Heaven Quilting in Nashua NH.  She's been just great to work with!  I spend so much time there I'm worried she'll start charging me by the hour for all the talking I do!  She always listens to what I'm looking for and usually has several ideas for me to consider.  I love that it's a collaborate adventure!

For the teacup quilt I wanted something floral and open that could be seen when the quilt was hanging.  I chose a rose pattern with leaf motif for the background quilting and asked her to outline each of the tea cups.

I went with a light blue thread on the front, again so it could be seen when the quilt was hung.  The picture above shows the prairie points really well.

I love the way each teacup is outlined and the square around the tea cup is stitched in-the-ditch.  It made teacups really pop.

A rose is centered inside each star with the leaves going out into the cream background.  I love, love, love this star color.  In real life it's more of a perriwinkle color but it's just beautiful.

The same rose pattern is used in the borders.  I love the way each rose appears to be sitting on a "saucer"!  The light blue thread works well on the dark blue fabric too.

I didn't get a good photo of the back before I gave it away but here's a peek at it.  The fabric is an overall rose pattern which unfortunately just looks like a mottled light blue in the picture but it really is roses and it was the inspiration for the quilting.
Seeing this quilt made me fall in love with it all over again! 
Next up?  Delivering Mary's quilt in Idaho!  And my friends say "Thank You" with a lovely gift and group hug!  Stay tuned.


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