Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy {Very Belated!} Birthday

What's more fun than making a quilt?  Surprising a friend! 

With schedules being what they are we haven't had a chance to get all The Girls together so I couldn't deliver the quilts I made for Betty and Audrey.  Last Friday we thought we had a quorum so I brought the quilts to Jean's to surprise the birthday girls.  As luck would have it Audrey had to cancel at the last minute but Betty was there so she received her VERY belated birthday quilt.

"It smells so good!"
Jeannie's behind the quilt holding it up so Betty can get a better look.
Oh look!  A tent! Some beers! OSJ!
Here's a close up of what's she's looking at.  For those of you readers that are quilters the pattern is Disappearing 9-Patch.  The fabrics are cats, cookies, camping and beer, 4 of Betty's favorite things.

The quilting is dragon flies buzzing all over the quilt.  It's done in an orange colored thread which really pops on the black borders as well as the cream background fabric.  A big thank you to Lorri Wurtzler of Nashua for doing the long-arm quilting.  She really brought my idea for "some kind of bugs" to life!

The binding is a black and gold print that made a pretty pattern when folded and sewn into place.
It was so fun finishing this quilt with all those dragon flies buzzing around!
Finished binding
Now back to the birthday girl.  Betty always makes chocolate chip cookies for The Girls when we get together.  She has the fun container that has a big cookie for a lid!  Sure enough when she arrived she had a container full of warm "chippers" for us..


Happy Birthday Betty!

PS Audrey's next . . .

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